The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Today’s Lesson is the second in our Study on John 10 – On Good Shepherd Sunday we were urged to Relax in our Good Shepherd, Today we want to see our Good Shepherd as our Leader, Next Sunday we will more fully explore the Full Life He provides.

Everyday you have to choose whom you are going to follow.

The lesson from John’s 10th chapter today is that it is important to follow good leaders. Usually that will mean parents, although there are exceptions. Usually that will mean good friends and peers, although there are also exceptions. Usually that will mean Christian pastors and teachers, although, even then, there are exceptions. But there is one leader with whom there is no exception, there is one leader after whom all these other leaders are to be mere models, and that one leader is Christ Jesus. Let the Bible explain why. There are three compelling reasons from John 10.

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