The intent of Resurrection Lutheran School is to preach the gospel to all nations, thus we do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national and ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, athletic and other school administrated programs.

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The curriculum of Resurrection Lutheran School is aimed at providing a Christ-centered education for each child. It is the objective of the school that the child should be educated spiritually and academically. Not only is the child trained for a future here on earth, but our school’s greatest concern is for the spiritual growth of each child to prepare him/her for heaven.

The curriculum of RLS consists of the sum total of all experiences which come to the child through the school. As we are to make every thought obedient to the Word of God, all academic subjects normally taught in the public school are taught at RLS in light of God’s Word.


The Word of God is taught to bring the student into a closer relationship with the Savior. It provides the means whereby the child is assured of their eternal salvation and motivates the child to live a Christian life while here on earth.Whether through the daily Word of God classes, classroom devotions, Catechism lessons, hymnology classes, or memory work, Law and Gospel based on God’s Word will be presented. The Law shows us our sinful nature while the Gospel shows us our loving Savior and the work HE has done for us.


In order to take every thought captive to the Word of Christ, mathematics at Resurrection Lutheran School is taught in the light of God’s Word. Due to the ever-increasing scientific and technological developments of our age, it is necessary that our students be well-grounded in basic mathematics skills.As the child grows and matures, the level of skills that will be mastered will increase in both complexity and quantity. An end result of the skill development and mastery will be the ability to participate and survive in the work force as they enter the world.Training in mathematics also has end results in mental development: the ability to reason, the concepts of order and exactness, objectivity, correctness, honesty, and self-discipline. These abilities will direct the believer as the student goes through life in this world and assist the believer in using abilities that show the fruits of life in Christ Jesus.Finally, the ability to work with mathematics assists in Christian stewardship as each believer realizes their role as steward of what the Lord has given them. Our use and care of the Lord’s possessions demands wise and prudent use of these gifts so they may be used to His glory and to the very best of our abilities.


Social studies is taught at RLS with emphasis in the following traditional areas that make up the social studies curriculum:

is really the telling of His story: learning how our heavenly Father created the world and all in it, how He sustains the world and has preserved it to the present day. In a study of world and American history we learn how we as God’s children fit into the world and the opportunities that exist in spreading the story of God’s love to all people.

shows the wide variety of climates, land forms, and peoples the Lord has created. Here we learn of the factors that affect history and shape the world in which we live. Geography helps us understand our place in the vast number of different cultures that exist and reminds us of our calling to preach the Gospel to all nations.

is taught to prepare our children for their future role as Christian leaders in the world. As Christians we understand the gift of government that the Lord has established through the Fourth Commandment. Our children need to be trained as responsible citizens who can take active leadership and participator roles, and in doing so serve their Lord and their country.

Current Events

leads us to a better understanding of the world and its events as they take place around us. Not only do we need to know how these events will affect us now and in the future, but how the events came about and the relationship of these events to the factors of history, geography, and civics.

It is our goal at RLS to teach social studies in light of God’s Word with the glory not going to man, but rather to the Triune God who has been from the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.c


Reading is the ability to understand and interpret the written word. At RLS reading is taught as a method of communication. In our spiritual life God communicates to us through His Word to reveal to us His will in our everyday life. In addition to reading God’s Word, we also read to expand our knowledge, for entertainment and enjoyment, and to succeed in the many tasks that require the ability to read and understand what was read.The ability to read includes the ability to read critically. When confronted with any type of written material our students need to apply the truths of God’s Word. As our students read, we want them to evaluate and analyze what they have read and “take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.”The ability to read also includes a developing appreciation for quality literature. RLS students will be exposed to a variety of literatures in reading short stories, poems, dramas, expository and narrative writing. Our students will be led to appreciate a variety of forms and genre of quality literature.The ability to read is supported by a language arts program (English and spelling). Here the tools are obtained that are needed to follow the Lord’s command to teach all nations. This can be done through writing and speaking.As we receive the Word, we are to listen to that Word. Our response is then one of worship and praise. Our lives should be like that of the early apostles who could not help but speak of what they had seen and heard.Our ability to read, write, speak, and listen – in both our temporal and spiritual lives – rests on our ability to correctly use the proper and standard methods of spelling, grammar, and usage. These methods enable us to express ourselves in a multi-media society, to help us appreciate the work of those who have gone before us, and to prepare us as we enrich succeeding generations with our writing and speaking.


The Lord reveals himself in nature and works through his creation; we teach science so our students gain an understanding of the world God created. God’s creation has been affected by sin; frustration, death, and decay are the result. God’s Word teaches us to be stewards of the world the Lord has given us and to appreciate his creation. Therefore, through science we learn how we can improve our management of God’s creation as well as marvel at God’s design.We believe there is a base of science fundamentals and principles that our students need to learn. All areas of learning in the many science fields reveal the all-powerful hand of a loving God. The Bible is not our science textbook, but at Resurrection Lutheran School all science content is presented in light of God’s Word. Although the world may promote its philosophies – such as humanism and evolution – as the truth, God’s Word is truth and reveals the knowledge of wonders of God’s creation.


Fine Arts are the subjects of music and art. Music helps the child develop an understanding and appreciation of secular and religious songs. The child learns to use his/her God-given talents to praise and thank God for the many gifts he has received.Art allows a child to express his/her creativity through a variety of media. Through art the child learns to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.


These are the tools by which RLS seeks to teach the child the usefulness of a healthy and skilled body. Through physical education a sound, alert and trained mind will result. Our school aims to provide practice in Christian life and conduct through these activities.