If You Love Me – May 22, 2017


“If you love me, you will obey what I command.”
John 14:15

If You Love Me

Daily Devotion – May 22, 2017

Devotion based on John 14:15

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Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” When we don’t keep Jesus’ commands, we are loving that sin more than we love Jesus.

When you look at another person with lust in your heart, you are loving the sin of lust more than you are loving Jesus. When you choose to spread some juicy gossip about someone else, you are loving the sin of gossip more than Jesus. When you blurt out: “Oh my God!” or carelessly demand that God damn someone or something, you are loving the sin of misusing God’s name more than Jesus.

When we sin, we love that sin more than we love Jesus.

Jesus loves you more than you love him. And, Jesus loved you first. In love, Jesus came into this world filled with people who hate and trample on God’s commands. In love, Jesus lived in perfect obedience to all those commands we could not keep. In love, Jesus suffered and died for all the commands you, I and all people have broken. In love, Jesus rose and God declares you not guilty of breaking any of his commands.

That’s a ton of love from Jesus to the whole world, to you!

We get to respond to Jesus’ love by loving him. One of the ways we love Jesus is by keeping his commands. In what areas of your life can you do better in keeping Jesus’ commands? How can you better show your love for Jesus as you love other people? Pray for Jesus’ help and strength. Work faithfully to follow him, even when it’s difficult.

Increase your love for Jesus. We love Jesus more when we know and trust him more. The Holy Spirit grows your love and trust in Jesus through God’s Word. Go to worship. Get into a Bible study. Read God’s Word in your home. Get connected to your local church (find a local church here). Your love for Jesus will grow as you see Jesus’ great love for you.

Jesus, thank you for your immeasurably great love for me. Fill my heart and life with love for you as I follow your commands. Amen.

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