God’s Generosity – October 9, 2017


“Are you envious because I am generous?”
Matthew 20:15

God’s Generosity

Daily Devotion – October 9, 2017

Devotion based on Matthew 20:15

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“We deserve more!” This is what some of the hired men thought. They worked long hours, and they bore the heat of the day. No wonder they complained against the owner of the vineyard who paid all the workers the same amount.

The lesson Jesus wanted his hearers to understand was that heaven is prepared for all who believe in him. It makes no difference whether a person is a life-long believer, or someone who came to faith much later in life. Faith saves, because faith takes hold of God’s undeserved love in Jesus.

It is a lesson I need to understand. It may be easy for me to think I deserve more from God because I have believed for most of my life. At the very least, I should be guaranteed a greater reward, because I endured more hardship and sacrifice. Naturally I may feel disappointed, even disheartened, when someone who believes only a short time has the same promise of heaven and blessings as I do.

I shouldn’t be disappointed. Because whether I am a life-long believer or a last-day believer, my confidence of heaven comes as the result of God’s generosity.

It was his generosity which brought his Son into this sin-darkened world to become my Substitute. Jesus lived a sinless life replacing my disobedience. Jesus secured my forgiveness enduring my punishment on the cross. Jesus prepared my place in heaven triumphing over the grave which held me captive. It is because Jesus lived, died and rose for me, I know heaven is mine. The same is true for all who put their faith in him—regardless of how long they have believed.

God’s generosity knows no limits and his undeserved love knows no boundaries. This leads me to rejoice, because through faith I know heaven is mine. It also leads me to even greater joy, because through faith God has prepared heaven for all who put their faith in his Son.

Heavenly Father, I thank and praise you for your generous and undeserved love which you have shown to me and all people through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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