Enter Here! – May 8, 2017


“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.”
John 10:9

Enter Here!

Daily Devotion – May 8, 2017

Devotion based on John 10:9

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Mike was distracted. He ignored his wife’s warning, “You can’t turn here!” He also didn’t see the sign which clearly indicated: Do Not Enter. Soon he came to the stark realization turning was the wrong thing to do. Fortunately, there was a driveway where he corrected his mistake and avoided on-coming traffic.

Often I find myself in the same predicament. However, it usually doesn’t happen when I drive the car. I see it in the way I live my life. The Lord has clearly marked the way I should go. He has also clearly warned me about the places where I should not go. Even though there are numerous words and warnings which forbid entry, I decide I know better.

My only hope to avoid the on-coming disaster of my poor choices is to focus on Jesus. When he says, “I am the gate,” he shows me the sure, safe, and God-pleasing way through life and to heaven. It is as if he posts a sign which says: Enter Here!

When I acknowledge Jesus is the only way, I soon know the blessing which comes from following him. He clearly promises, “Whoever enters through me will be saved.” With Jesus, there is never any doubt I am on the right path. With Jesus, there is no question about what is prepared and waiting for me.

This is the life my Savior invites me to enter. He even makes it possible for me to enjoy that life. He purifies me to release me from my guilt and shame. He forgives me to remove my disobedience and rebellion. He sets me apart for a life of faithful love to replace my sinful, selfish ways.

Knowing what the Lord promises and the power of his precious work, I want to follow his direction. In love, he has told me he is the gate to life in heaven. In love, he has also told me: Enter Here!

O gracious Lord and living Savior, your precious work and your sacred Word assure me heaven is prepared and waiting, and that I enter through faith in you. Amen.

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